It’s time to feel telehealth confident and competent.

Bringing the occupational therapy community together.

The OT Telehealth Summit is a global event that brings together 12 highly regarded and inspirational occupational therapists and professionals from around the world to explore the ethical considerations, telehealth technical know-how, models of intervention, therapy tools and SO MUCH MORE to ensure you thrive in this new service delivery model.

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What seems foreign to us now will one day be familiar and what seems radical today will be mainstream tomorrow.

We are at the forefront of something quite revolutionary for our profession. We’re pioneering a mass movement towards a telehealth service delivery model. We’re navigating uncharted waters in many areas of care and we’re required to think differently, get resourceful and overcome our own self doubts.

Telehealth is an opportunity to look at a client in their real world. We can take a virtual step into their home, take a walk around their neighbourhood and see life through their eyes. We can solve real world problems in the real life context of their day-to-day life, and of course obtain real world outcomes.

This is the essence of occupational therapy, right? There’s no client questionnaire, semi-structured interview or contrived clinical setting assessment that’s going to provide you with the same richness of information that you’ll get from when you observe how a client really lives their life. 

If you want to upskill your clinical practice, up-grade your confidence and competence, and uproot your limiting self beliefs, join us! We have SO MUCH knowledge and insight to share with you!

Telehealth Occupational Therapy - The OT Telehealth Summit
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Continuing Education Certificate

The OT Telehealth Summit offers 9 hours of professional development. A personalised certificate will be issued upon completion which may count towards your continuing education.

*Please verify with your country’s professional association to ensure this type of learning counts towards your continuing education, as requirements vary from country to country.

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Karen Finnin - The OT Telehealth Summit

Karen Finnin

Telehealth Tech Savvy: Equipment, Platforms and Technical Considerations
Karen is a physiotherapist based in Australia and the director of Online.Physio, an online health practice. Karen’s started providing telehealth services 9 years ago. She is now a leading authority in the industry and is a founding member of the International Society of Digital Medicine.

In this interview we cover:
– Telehealth platforms: what’s safe and what’s not
– The difference between browser vs desktop applications and which is safest
– What an ‘end to end encryption’ means and how do we really know if platforms have it?
– When we need a VPN (and what it means)
– Necessary tech equipment to run a telehealth service
– How to obtain a signature electronically for consent forms
– How to build a completely online digital practice
Dr Fiona Graham - The OT Telehealth Summit

Dr. Fiona Graham

Occupational Performance Coaching (OPC): Goal Setting, Communication & Supporting Client's Motivation To Take Action
Fi is an occupational therapist, specialising in work with families and children. Fi developed Occupational Performance Coaching (OPC) as part of her PhD and continues to research and provide training in OPC. In this interview we cover:

– What Occupational Performance Coaching (OPC) is
– Why OPC was created
– How to set coaching goals
– How to support a client’s motivation to take action
– How to communicate in a coaching session
– What a coaching session may look like. Structured or flexible?
– Thoughts relating to the number and frequency of coaching sessions
– How we can measure improvements in occupational performance outcomes
Dr Jayna Fischbach - The OT Telehealth Summit

Dr. Jayna Fischbach

Everything You Need To Know About Online Assessments: Standardised, Non-Standardised & Careful Considerations
Dr. Jayna is a Senior Occupational Therapy Consultant from DotCom Therapy. She specialises in Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism and Childhood Trauma.

In this interview we cover:
– Specific client circumstances we need to consider prior to administering an assessment
– What our Plan B can be if a standardised assessment doesn’t go to plan
– What environmental conditions we need to consider
– The difference between synchronous and asynchronous and how to use these methods in an assessment
– How to assess emotional state based on environmental cues
– What to do if there is a technical glitch in the middle of a standardised assessment
– Individualized outcome measures we can use as part of an ongoing assessment of function
– How to accurately document modifications to assessment procedures
– What to consider when conducting a home assessment via telehealth
Dr Reina Olivera - The OT Telehealth Summit

Dr. Reina Olivera

From Referral to Intervention & Documentation (And Everything In Between): What You Need To Know To Get Started
Dr. Reina Olivera is a doctor of occupational therapy and the owner of Telehealth OT Services based in the US. Reina’s doctoral degree was focussed on telehealth and now she continues to share her knowledge and insights through her online course and book “ The Telehealth OT: A guide to teach occupational therapists about telehealth”.

In this interview we cover:
– Where to build an online presence in order to generate referrals
– How to ensure your client is going to be an active participant in telehealth
– What to say to a potential client if they aren’t the right fit for telehealth
– What forms to send a client prior to the initial consultation
– What to include in a consent form
– What to cover in your initial telehealth appointment
– How to structure a therapy session
– Why you should stop planning therapy sessions
– Why and how we should set functional goals
– How to practice telehealth communication skills before working with clients
– The difference between synchronous and asynchronous telehealth
– What you need to document after a telehealth session
Katie Crosby - The OT Telehealth Summit

Katie Crosby

Supporting Emotions and Behaviours Behind The Screen: Co-Regulation, Practical Strategies & Resisting The Need To Fill the Void
Katie is a paediatric occupational therapist based in the US and she is the founder of Thriving Littles; a virtual community which guides individuals and practitioners along their paths to understand core strengths and challenges within daily emotions and behaviours.

In this interview we cover:
– Ways to support a client’s engagement and level of arousal via telehealth
– How stress responses differ between a child and an adult
– What co-regulation is and how to use it in telehealth
– Practical strategies to help clients regulate when we can’t be with them physically
– How to read body cues and support emotions at a distance
– How to guide a client to a calm and ready state
– Why we should get comfortable with space and resist the need to fill the void
– Why despite a session not going to plan we are still amazing therapists!
Dr Kieran Broome - The OT Telehealth Summit

Dr. Kieran Broome

Physical Assessments, Home Modifications, Assistive Technology & Chronic Condition Management Through Telehealth - It’s Possible!
Dr. Kieran Broome is a Lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) in Australia and also operates his own private occupational therapy practice primarily servicing rural towns. For the last 5 years, Kieran has run telehealth placements for students at USC taking them through the process of assessment, intervention and follow-up.

In this interview we cover:
– What to consider when assessing people with a disability and people aged over 65
– What kind of services can be provided via telehealth for people with chronic disease
– Practical ways to measure range of motion
– What oedema management can look like via telehealth
– Tips to complete a comprehensive home assessment
– Why 2 camera angles is beneficial when prescribing exercises and completing home modifications (and how to set this up)
– What the limitations of a home visit are when conducting it via telehealth
– What you should do if there is an incident, such as a client fall
– How to complete a complex home modification via telehealth
– Ways to adapt your assistive technology assessment
Rhiannon Crispe - The OT Telehealth Summit

Rhiannon Crispe

Our Occupational Transition, Rising Up & Leading The Profession Into The Future
Rhiannon Crispe is an occupational therapist, the founder of Homebase Hope and the host of The OT Telehealth Summit.

In Rhiannon’s video:
– She reflects on 17 different thoughts she has had in relation to our current shift to a telehealth service delivery model.
– Gives food for thought, reassurance and direction during this time of occupational transition.
– Rhiannon believes we need to come together as a profession and as a community of game changers and visionaries, who are vulnerable enough to say that we don’t have all the answers, but brave enough to give it a go anyway.
Dr Melanie Criss - The OT Telehealth Summit

Dr. Melanie Criss

Online Kids Therapy From 3-12 years & Interventions Based On Skill Areas
Dr. Melanie Criss has been providing paediatric telehealth services for the past 11 years. She is a paediatric occupational, the founder and CEO of Community Therapy Services and the CFO of TelehealthShare.

In this interview we cover:
– How to prepare before an online OT kids therapy session
– How to avoid planning every single session for every single client
– An in-depth review of standardised assessments for kids that can be used online
– What you need to document if a standardised assessment is modified
– How to get creative if families have limited resources or materials for therapy
– Where to find informal assessments and resources online
– Manualized programs that can be used in the online environment
– Interventions and therapy toolkit ideas for kids based on skill area eg: fine motor, gross motor, visual motor, self regulation and more
Leanne Hopkins - The OT Telehealth Summit

Leanne Hopkins

Paediatric Online Interventions: What Works Best and How To Adapt
Leanne Hopkins is an occupational therapist and the founding director of Succeed Healthcare Solutions in Brisbane, Australia.

In this interview we cover:
– What we need to consider when choosing intervention approaches
– Manualised programs that can be effective via telehealth
– The advantages of conducting therapy sessions in a client’s home via telehealth
– How to support caregiver reluctance when transitioning from in-person therapy to telehealth
– How paediatric intervention differs through a telehealth model
– Why we should aim for quick results and how to do it
– Adaptations we need to make on how we deliver therapy
Cathy Love - The OT Telehealth Summit

Cathy Love

Unleashing The Power of Entrepreneurial OT Spirit: Overcoming Challenges & Breaking Through Barriers
Cathy is the founding Director at Nacre Consulting. Cathy is an allied health business coach based in Australia who helps owners create brilliant businesses that deliver them the time, money and joy they desire.

In this interview we cover:
– Why we should be looking at other successful businesses (right now!) and following their clues
– Why you need a self care plan
– Why you should be super cautious about pivoting your business
– How you can best market your business in a crisis
– Practical tips for small business owners
– How to move from insight to action with entrepreneurial ideas
– How to scale your business
Meg Proctor - The OT Telehealth Summit

Meg Proctor

Telehealth Direct Intervention, Parent Coaching & Consultations for Kids on the Autism Spectrum
Meg is the founder of Learn Play Thrive based in the US. Meg is an occupational therapist and autism specialist. She teaches other OT’s how to use an in-depth understanding of autism learning styles to become more confident and effective in their work.

In this interview we cover:
– What a direct telehealth intervention session may look like
– Which clients are appropriate for direct intervention and which client’s aren’t
– How to structure an initial evaluation
– How to create meaningful and engaging interactions online
– How to support kids who learn best through visual instructions
– Ways to create a child led session
– What to consider when deciding if coaching is an appropriate model for a family
– How to deliver a leveling statement to a parent or caregiver
– How to blend models of intervention
– What a coaching and consultation session involves
Carol Jewell - The OT Telehealth Summit

Carol Jewell

Evidence, Ethical Practice & Gaining Consent in Telehealth OT Services
Carol is the Acting National Manager of Professional Practice and Development at Occupational Therapy Australia.

In this interview we cover:
– What evidence there is to support OT’s using a telehealth service delivery model
– How to determine which client groups are not suitable for telehealth
– How telehealth supports compliance with best practice
– What practical implications there are to a telehealth model
– How we can ensure that we continue to work within our scope of practice
– How we can continue to provide quality OT services
– What we need to consider when it comes to privacy and confidentiality
– What we need to consider when it comes to being telehealth competent
– What needs to be considered in regards to a telehealth consent form

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If you want to upskill your clinical practice, upgrade your confidence and competence, and uproot your limiting self beliefs, join us! We have SO MUCH knowledge and insight to share with you!

Price in AUD inc GST

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Welcome to The OT Telehealth Summit. We’re SO glad you’re here!

What You Will Learn

Explore the ethical considerations, telehealth technical know-how, models of intervention, therapy tools and SO MUCH MORE to ensure you thrive in this new service delivery model.

How to choose a secure telehealth platform

What to include in an informed consent form

How to ensure ethical practice

Coaching and consulting tips

Direct intervention strategies

Standardised assessments that are valid in telehealth

How to best support kids on the spectrum via telehealth

Step by step session planning and structure

How to accurately document modifications to assessment procedures

Intervention ideas for kids based on skill area

Practical tips for home modifications and assistive technology

How to support emotions and behaviours on the other side of the screen

Bonus Content

Resources & freebies from the speakers
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Meet Your Host

Rhiannon is an occupational therapist and the founder of Homebase Hope. She’s a wife and a mother of 2 girls with a burning passion for creating positive change in people’s lives.

Rhiannon Crispe Founder of Homebase Hope - The OT Telehealth Summit

Rhiannon has an online private practice working with children on the autism spectrum and their families. She is dedicated to offering parents a smorgasbord of interventions as she understands there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to the complexities of autism. Rhiannon empowers parents with a whole child approach that bridges conventional therapy and natural lifestyle optimisation.

Rhiannon has an entrepreneurial OT spirit running through her veins. She is in her element when she is being creative and solving problems. Rhiannon has recently created The OT Lifestyle Movement – an online community for open-minded like-minded holistic OT’s to come together and share ideas, connect, collaborate and celebrate. It is a free Facebook group you’re invited to join.

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If you want to upskill your clinical practice, upgrade your confidence and competence, and uproot your limiting self beliefs, join us! We have SO MUCH knowledge and insight to share with you!

Price in AUD inc GST

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Welcome to The OT Telehealth Summit. We’re SO glad you’re here!

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